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Why Your Grandparents Were Better Off | Natural Foody Tips

Do you think the current generation is more joyful and more satisfied than previous generations? I sure don’t.

A troubling thought that should leave us all pondering what needs to change…

So why do I think your grandparents or even great grandparents were better off? Here’s my opinion:

1. Currency of comparison

Nowadays comparison via social media is a big thief of joy.

Back in your great-grandparent’s day, you could only compare yourself to those immediately around you that you came into contact with, whereas today, there are digitally millions of people to compare at your fingertips, making it incredibly easy to fixate on what you don’t have.

Now Instagram feeds act like a gateway drug to jealousy, envy and want that can later fuel inadequacy, depression, and loneliness.

Yes, that’s right. The digital pocket pacifier that keeps you coming back for more all the while subliminally encouraging you to define your life by pictures that act as trophies and help construct and stroke an ego.

Real life is a series of moments interacting with each other, not a single still.

At the end of your life, you’ll remember your relationships, connections, real people, and maskless human interaction.

And the last thing you’ll wish when you’re 10 feet under is that you spent more time on Instagram.

2. Over injected and over medicated

Western medicine today would like you to think that you are survived only because of the medications and injections available to you.

That’s right, the human immune system [and a healthy diet +lifestyle] apparently no longer functions well enough to keep you healthy by Western medical standards.

Instead of focusing on personal responsibility for taking care of one’s health, its pushed to ignore the control you have over your health and instead succumb to every medication and injection that may or may not keep you from dying.

Create your own destiny or live in fear and die in theirs. 

3. It was easier to be healthy 100 years ago.

Okay, part of this one is because they didn’t really have any other choice…

Maybe your grandparents or great grandparents remember when there didn’t need to be a part of the store that was considered the “health food section” because food was legitimately intact. Unlike the plethora of processed, genetically modified and pesticide-laden foods we are bombarded with today.

There was more walking, time outside, less TV watching and more manual activities allowing people to live more active lives.

While some may argue against this by the increase in life expectancy, let’s keep in mind that the length of one’s life doesn’t necessarily increase the quality.

4. Simpler, more connected lives

Less multitasking. Less chaos. Less stuff. Less glorification of busy. Less screen time. Less digitalization.

More connection with people that matter and less with objects that don’t.

You are the CEO of your life. Make your days count.

Agree or disagree? Please share in the comments!

Photo Credit: “FAMILY” by Mark Pauls is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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