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How to Flip the Switch on Inflammation | Natural Foody Tips

If you had an invisible enemy causing inflammation in your body at the cellular level, wouldn’t you want to know?

You know, so you could do something about it?!

I want to introduce you to your cell membrane. A double layer of lipids that protect your cells (all 30 trillion cells that you have in your body) and give them their structure. Cell membranes have very important jobs to do to keep you healthy like:

  • act as a gatekeeper to protect your cells from unwanted substances
  • act as a gate to allow the transportation of nutrients in and allowing waste products to leave
  • play an important role in cellular communication

But what if the health of your cell membranes are stiff and rigid restricting the transportation in and out due to the fats in your diet? How are your cells supposed to communicate, get nourished, and take out the trash?

I mean, that’s the equivalent of having a relationship where no one buys groceries, cleans, or takes out the trash and when you try to communicate with each-other you both wear earplugs. Nothing good can come out of it…

And remember cells create tissues, tissues create organs, and you are made up of a system of organs. If your cell membranes are compromised, the integrity of each cell, tissue and organ in your body can suffer.

Because unhealthy cells make an unhealthy body and healthy cells make a healthy body.

But, back to you. What would a sign of omega fatty acid imbalance look like in your body?

Signs of Omega Fatty Acid Imbalance

Do any of the following look familiar?

  • weight gain/obesity
  • chronic inflammation
  • insulin resistance
  • unwanted gene expression
  • chronic infections or gut issues
  • immune system suppression
  • crave fatty or greasy foods
  • history of low fat or low calorie diet
  • tension headaches (base of skull)
  • sunburn easily
  • headaches from sun exposure
  • dry or flaky skin
  • muscles easily fatigued
  • experience pain relief with aspirin

These can all be signs that your omega fatty acid balance is tipping the scales in the wrong direction. 

But what if there was a test you could take to find out just how healthy your cell membranes are, so you actually knew the exact food changes you needed to make to create healthier cell membranes while reducing symptoms of imbalance at the same time?

Omega Fatty Acid Testing

That’s why I am absolutely in LOVE with this simple omega fatty acids test that you can take at home. So much so, I’m now recommending it for each and every one of my one-on-one clients.

Just a simple finger prick and a drop of blood sent into the lab will tell you your:

  • Omega 3 Index — a measure of the most important omega-3s—EPA and DHA—in your blood. Their purpose is to respond to inflammatory events and help the cells (and you!) stay healthy. Hundreds of studies have demonstrated that having an Omega-3 Index of 8% or higher offers significant protection from health outcomes like dying from heart disease, poor cognitive health, anxiety and depression, muscle soreness and joint pain, dry eyes and much more. One study showed that the Omega-3 Index was actually a better predictor of risk of death from heart disease vs. cholesterol. [3]
  • Omega 6: Omega 3 Ratio — this shows if your balance of omega 3 fatty acids is in or out of balance with your intake of omega 6 polyunsaturated fatty acids abundantly found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and smaller amounts in animal products. Research suggests that during evolution this ratio was closer to 1:1, and the Western diet today hovers closer to 20:1 creating huge implications on human health, especially obesity. “A balanced omega-6/omega-3 ratio 1–2/1 is one of the most important dietary factors in the prevention of obesity, along with physical activity.” [6]
  • AA: EPA Ratio (arachidonic acid: eicosapentaenoic acid ratio) — Research shows, “Several studies have shown that an unbalanced AA/EPA ratio in favor of AA fatty acid, leads to the development of different metabolic disorders, including obesity, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)” [4] and “Since AA and EPA are the precursors of the most important inflammatory mediators, AA/EPA ratio is an index to better evaluate inflammation and nutritional status of cell membrane.” [5] This is my favorite ratio of the omega fatty acids test and the one I focus the most on bringing into balance with my clients. 
  • Trans Fat Index — you’ve probably heard about trans fats. They are only found in the food that we eat (the body can’t make them). These are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats that have negative consequences for human health and should be minimized as much as possible in the diet. 
  • Full Fatty Acid Report Profile — a full report on your fatty acid makeup. This is extremely helpful for identifying gamma linolenic acid deficiency (GLA). Gamma linolenic acid is an omega-6 unsaturated fatty acid that has potent anti-inflammatory effects. Signs of deficiency include bumps on the back of the arms, dry hair, and cracked fingertips.
  • SPECIAL BONUS — a video training from me, walking you through understanding your results and how to make changes to support the health of your cells in the best possible way!

One of the best ways to make changes to your health is to have data on your body to pinpoint problem areas, motivate real change, and keep you accountable along the way. With the information provided in the omega fatty acid report and video training, you will gain the knowledge and understanding of your body to:

  • Adjust the makeup of fats in your diet to support bringing your fatty acid balance back into balance so you can fight chronic inflammation, unwanted weight gain and cardiovascular in a scientific way (no more guessing!)
  • Choose omega fatty acid containing foods and food-based supplements that support the health of your cells. Not just something generic off the shelf that may not be a good fit for you.
  • And most importantly, give you actual data on your body to help you understand how to take back control of your health one bite at a time.

So, if you’ve done everything else under the sun to improve your health but are still having problems and lingering issues, it’s time to address the very foundation of your body, the health of your cells!

Give all 30 trillion cell membranes you have some TLC.

Where Is Your Omega Fatty Acid Balance At?

Ready to find out your omega fatty acid balance so you can tip the scale on inflammation?

Get your test kit here and save $30 for the next 24 hours only using the coupon code “inflammation”.

How to Flip the Switch on Inflammation | Natural Foody Tips

How to Flip the Switch on Inflammation | Natural Foody Tips


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