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Holiday Gift Ideas | Natural Foody Tips

The holiday season is officially here — are you ready?

I always struggle with holiday shopping because I’m a total minimalist and I like to give gifts that are healthy, practical and that will get used most days of the year…

Not just the newest or trendiest gadget that will collect dust for the next 365 days… and then end up in the trash :/

My gift suggestions are those that with either a) get used daily, or b) encourage a healthier lifestyle or home environment, and preferably both!

Plus I want them to support the new working from home sweat-pant culture 🙂

1) Cozy Sleepwear ($132)

I don’t know about you, but my sleepwear got a TON of extra use this year. I don’t think anyone would oppose this sleepwear set from Eberjey. Find it here.

2) Red Light Therapy Device ($varies)

Red light what?? Three years ago, I became absolutely addicted to red light therapy (read why here). Once you understand the benefits of red light therapy, you can you’ll see how it’s great for the whole family, and a gift you can all enjoy together. 

Why You Should Take Advantage of Red Light Therapy | Natural Foody Tips

I have mine right next to my bed, so I can just switch it on and get my red light therapy while I am stilllllllll in bed. It’s a great way to start the morning!

You can find my favorite device right here.

3) Glandular Nutrition ($21 and up)

Organ glandulars make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the nutrition conscious person you’re shopping for this year.

Packed with whole-food nutrition (especially B-vitamins, copper, zinc, and iron), organ glandulars are the best way to get more nutrition into your diet without even trying.

My favorites are bone marrow, kidney and pancreas.

Read more or find them in the store here (I recommend choosing 2-3 organs to start with).

4) Patagonia Vest ($149)

There is no doubt that 2020 was the year of loungewear, and what better way to shift into winter by gifting a comfy vest to dress up your work from home attire.

I love the vests from Patagonia. Find them here.

5) Brooklinen Sheets ($varies)

Raise your hand if you spent more time in bed this year than normal?

So who wouldn’t enjoy a new sheet set from Brooklinen for the holidays? I love the look + feel of Brooklinen’s sheet. Find out all your bundle options here.

6) Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ($325)

Does your hair know things about your nutrition and health that you don’t? This year I’m gifting my hair analysis service which includes the lab test, a 30-minute consultation, and a custom mineral balancing supplement plan to a few select family members that I know will benefit.

I’ve seen them just buy the latest trendy supplement at Costco that they probably don’t need, and I know they could feel so much better if they supplemented based on their own body chemistry instead.

And in case you want to gift it to someone other than yourself, you can checkout here and save $50 off the list price using coupon code: “HOLIDAY50”.

If you’ve been waiting to have this done yourself, you could always forward this page as a hint on to your significant other 😉

7) The Perfect Sweater ($135 and $155)

Warm and slightly oversized sweaters make the perfect winter staple. The Cloud Turtleneck Sweater and the Stroopwafel Turtleneck in ReCashmere from Everlane the perfect winter gift. 

8) Personal Style Easy Button ($25 & up)

Stitch Fix is a California-based company that is making it possible for every woman to have her own personal stylist by mail at a very reasonable price! Each month Stitch Fix sends you five items that match your “style profile” and any personal requests you might have. Then just keep what you want and mail back what you don’t. It’s THAT easy and the perfect way to get some more stylish items into your wardrobe.

I personally am addicted to this service because I HATE shopping at the mall, and I really like the idea of someone else keeping an eye out for things I might LOVE! Learn more about how it works or sign up here. You can also snag gift cards for your friends and family; it makes for a very thoughtful gift!

9) Cozy Slippers ($89-$99)

Looking for the perfect gift for a homebody you know? Look no further than these cozy UGG slippers! And it’s totally okay if you need a pair for yourself too 😉

Find them here and here.

I hope you found my very targeted gift giving ideas helpful. Cheers to shopping early and remotely 🙂

Holiday Gift Ideas | Natural Foody Tips

Holiday Gift Guide | Natural Foody Tips

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